What, Why and How of SEO for Small Business

Now, how on earth Google could decide, which website should go on top with those keywords?It happens with different algorithms which consist of various questions like: -what is the frequency of the keywords on the website?What is the position of the keywords in a website like in Title, URL, subheading or into the content?What is the quality of the website?How good is the content of the website?several factors like these depend on the SEO of your website.

4 vital points of having Website.

In the modern marketplace, businesses are witnessing the changing human behaviour, and to be on top of the game you got to have a websiteprofessional website.It is the heart & soul of the business and reflects the services or products to customers.

4 ways to fly high with Social Media

It is a remarkably effective and inexpensive way within most part of the world.
This eventually leads to your website visit, positive interaction, and better conversion. Potentially you reach to the wider community with the sheer number of engagements on social media.

5 reasons to embrace Digital Skills

IT is not only for the IT professionals but also for others too. It seems, sooner it can be taught as a core subject after numeracy and literacy.Don’t wait ..let’s get started!!

The 4 Powerful effects of MS Excel

Gone were the days when it was only used by Investment bankers, accountants, and research scientists. Nowadays many people are turning to this programme to simplify their everyday work by automizing it via Excel.

Boost With Facebook-An event for Female Entrepreneurs.

An event organised by facebook for women to be inspired and feel empowered. This is a platform where female entrepreneurs could come together, share advice and make connections in order to develop their skills and enterprise forward.